A bit about me!

I am Mother to two very magical people, Hazel & Dorian, and we live in a little bungalow in downtown Healdsburg and fill it with laughter and friends whenever possible. 

In our town people stop by and bring one another flowers or cookies. We wave at each other on bikes, enjoy spontaneous evenings together eating some of the most amazing food in the Universe and say "cheers" a lot. If I proclaim that I'm at home editing and I need coffee or a sandwich right away, more often than not someone will deliver. Or sometimes I deliver. We take turns like that. And we take turns holding hearts and kids with skinned knees too. It's a good land.

My favorite possessions are my photographs (cliché maybe) and believe it or not I don't hang them on the walls. A few end up on the fridge or the cork boards but many of them end up in cigar boxes. Hazel, Dorian and I take them all out sometimes and spread them over the floor. We talk about the people in the images or laugh at how adorable they were as babies. For my children, photographs of their father are what they have left of him. They serve as reminders of memories and I'd say more often than not, these photographs have become their memories. 

My son, now eight, will say, "I loved it when Papa put me in a present bag and carried me around the living room!" What I don't tell him is that his memory, while of true events, is informed by the photographs that we visit from time to time. When he sees that moment in his mind, he see the image that I took six years ago. I could not have given him a greater gift I think.

That gift is the reason I photograph people. I have learned time and time again that when memories fade, as they eventually do, what you have left are the photographs that tell treasured stories over and over again. They become your memories. Maybe not tomorrow and maybe not for 50 years but eventually images become your lifeline to remembering. They can in an instant take you back to a warm embrace, your mother's laugh or the smell of home. A photograph. So simple. 

I don't create intimacy or manipulate a moment. I document each day that I am witness to, one by one. When you look back at your images I want them to be your memories, not mine. The story is not mine to tell. It is already unfolding without my urging.

Please ask me questions, share your thoughts, give me your ideas and be bold in front of any camera lucky enough to be graced by your beauty. One day those images will tell your story. I promise you it's more wild and gorgeous than you think.

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."          -Lao Tzu  //  707-479-5552


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