There generally isn't a day that goes by that photography doesn't poke me first thing in the morning or kiss me goodnight as I head to sleep (generally much too late because I can't stop editing or researching the newest bit of photography technology). It's pretty awesome and I'm super lucky to find myself supporting my little family doing so. Your visit is much appreciated & I hope you enjoy yourself!

I live in a downtown Healdsburg California bungalow with my two talented and beautiful little peaches & my orange bike. I like the way my red hair winds around my neck when I ride that bike. I really really love my garden boxes & having my sisters and brothers live nearby is like heaven even though I don't see them as often as I'd like. After a six year stint in Coeur d'Alene Idaho I'm enjoying the CA sun with my whole heart. I think if it was always switching from Summer to Spring I'd be a happy camper, literally. I wish I read more, instead I edit but I adore that far more so I don't generally complain about the reading bit. I like to write myself notes but then I put them in special places and forget where I put them. That sort of negates having ever written them. I should really consider not doing that.  Right.  I'll consider it.  

I love love. People in love, a mother's love, a promise of love, a hopeful love... Wild grasses make me feel dreamy and saving seeds from my garden's Marigolds and Nasturtium to plant the following season makes my heart sing. It also makes me feel like I'm passing on a tradition to my children that hopefully they'll pass on to theirs.  I'm also hoping that they keep painting & reading & taking pictures.

I hope that they learn to dream big and learn to love learning.

If you are like me in a few of these ways it might be nice to have a cup of coffee together and you can tell me about the dream you are having for your photographs. I assume you'll want to pass those on eventually and they should certainly and gently represent you and your heart. It's only my opinion but finding a photographer who's work calls to you is perfection.

A little fun fact: I graduated from SFSU with a degree in Photography. In the off chance you'd like to know :) 



My father always told me that with the faith of a mustard seed I could move mountains. I wasn't so sure but I wanted faith. Then later I heard the Mandela quote that begins "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." I wanted to be brave.

And then my father passed away and then the father of my children, my husband, died of suicide.  Those words of wisdom that bounced around in my heart became my saving grace. Those words, my two small children and Spirit became my inspiration for creating a beautiful life.

I shoot with the idea that each moment is perfect; that love conquers and that life is beautiful in all of it's imperfections.  When I walk in to a room full of loved ones, whether there be laughter or tears I know that the room is full of life and I want to share that moment with the world.  


Your story is gorgeous and I want you to remember it, in all of it's tender sweetness.  I've learned in my life how important photographs are.  When memories fade, which they eventually do, photos are what is left to spark the stories that bring the past to life. 

We live in an immediate world but eventually tomorrow will be fifty years ago.  I want you to have beautiful photographs that remind you of the true story of your wedding day.


"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."          -Lao Tzu  //  707-479-5552


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