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It’s that time again! Family portrait season! I’m offering a limited number of family portrait sessions between March and May 2019. If you’d like to book a session please don’t hesitate to reach out. I receive a lot of inquiries throughout the year and offer these sessions only in Spring as the rest of the year is wedding wild.

My take on family photos

What’s important here? Documenting your family just as you are, where you are in life, how you laugh together & hold each other’s hands. You may choose to read books together or cuddle on the couch. Pick those early Spring lemons or maybe you’ll choose to take a walk down your favorite trail, bake cookies or make art. It all goes! In other words, I want to capture your family’s uniqueness and what you do to feel close to one another.

When I’m photographing families I’m so keenly aware of how fleeting each moment is. When the kids are babies is seems like it’s going to be ages till they walk or talk and then they do and pretty soon they’re running and telling jokes. Before you know it they’ve shed their butterfly wings and are into the latest trend and you wonder where the time went. I want to create images that profoundly recall for you the magic of growing up. All of the beautiful magic

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  • 30 images from your session in print & web resolution available for download from your private gallery (150-200)

  • Online wedding gallery for friends & family available for 30 days

  • Custom detailed editing on each and every one of your deliverable images

  • Print release form, print all you want!

  • $650


  • These are generally weekday shoots beginning around 5:30/45 in the afternoon and ending around 7:30/45PM



I recently moved from one small two bedroom to a three bedroom house with my two little ones. It was incredibly difficult for me as that also meant sifting through so many physical items, tiny socks, broken crayons etc to decide what to keep and what to toss. We’d been there seven years and my children were three and five when we moved in. So their littlest kid years were spent there and now had passed. It was incredibly difficult emotionally to make this shift, we’d been through a lot as a little family and I wondered if I’d done as much as I could to give them the foundation I’d hoped to offer them when they were born. Did we laugh enough? Did we play enough games or read enough together? Honestly, I wasn’t sure. I leaned on my photographs to help console me. I know that there are ways that I didn’t live up to my dream self (the one I hoped I’d be as a Mother) and there are other ways I thought I might have exceeded expectations. And other ways yet that I knew I had to make the hard choices for providing for them even if that meant I wasn’t able to read those books as I’d hoped because I was photographing a wedding. Still with all of the questions and doubt I opted to print our photographs that had yet to make it into print. I poured over them and what I saw lightened my heart. I saw laughing, silly, love filled images. I saw birthday parties and friendly visits from loved ones. I saw camping trips and new roller skates and somehow I was reassured. If these images at all represent what our lives the past seven years had been, then we were doing alright. I mean far better than alright, we were flourishing. And in the end THAT was my dream. Take the photos, print them and let them be reminders of happy days.