Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day 2014.

This morning I woke my two little ones in bed with me with miniature gift bags full of love. Love that looked like play-dough and stickers for my darling wee gentleman and candles and candy for my 8 going on 16 drama queen. Their smiles were all the love I needed in return. And as a sweet gesture from the weather gods I walked outside to gather school backpacks from the car, and was welcomed with a balmy, almost summery, feeling morning. It quickly turned into drizzle but for that brief moment of peace on my porch, I thought of the river banks in summer and I smiled.  

My home is sacred.  It's the space where I laugh, grow, cry, question and find my way. It's where I raise my babies and where I return when the day has been long. I welcome this Valentine's Day as a renewal of Love, Peace & Bravery in my heart and home. Thank you God.