Alex & Allison // San Francisco Engagement

How sweet is love!? Baker Beach,  San Francisco Bay Area CA engagement session

I’m always sharing with folks that are getting married that those blue hour moments, my VERY favorite, are worth working into your wedding photo timeline. I cannot stress this enough! I know it’s tricky but truly truly it’s so worth it! I know it feels like the wedding might crash and burn if you’re not there for the third course or if 2 dances take place without you but I promise this isn’t the case. Work the sun’s trajectory into your timeline well and your photos & your party are going to glow! This session is a perfect example of what lighting can look like throughout the hour and a half before sunset and the thirty minutes after. Of course on your wedding day you’re lucky if you can work one hour into you timeline so make sure it’s the last one!

Thank you to Alex & Allison for trusting me and staying connected with each other. You’re magical humans and I can’t wait for your wedding day!