Natalie & Will // Salt Point, Kruse Rhododendron Forest Engagement Session

Jenner, Salt Point, Kruse, California Engagement Session | Gretchen Gause #engagementsession #saltpoint #californiaengagementphotographer

Natalie and Will first contacted me from New York. We chatted, it was awesome and they booked me to photograph their Sonoma wedding! That’s the short of it.

Then we met when they came out to Sonoma County to check as many wedding planning boxes as they could, seeing as they’re planning a long distance event and all. They shared with me that they were staying at Timber Cove for an evening and wondered if I could photograph their engagement session near there… I literally jumped for joy as I’d been truly aching to shoot out at Salt Point State Park and Kruse Rhododendron Forest for ages!! My email back to them probably had 20 exclamation points in it once I realized how close Timber Cove actually was to Salt Point! The California Coast of course did not disappoint but spending an evening with these two was even more spectacular!! They are adventurous and trusting and totally in love… three SUPER awesome ingredients for a magical couple’s session.

Thanks you two for being such wonderful humans and I can’t wait to capture the magic on your big day!! Lots of Love - Gretchen