Dick & Sally // Bay Area Lovers Session #goals

Gretchen Gause, Bay Area Photographer #familyphotos #grandparents #couplesshoot  #bayarea #california #grandparents #lastinglove #marriagegoals #lifegoals #whenwewereyoung

Quite a while ago I was contacted by Diablo Magazine to do a series of portraits on couples that have unique stories. I was sent on assignment to photograph Dick and Sally. I never really know what I’m getting into when I shoot for magazines except that I have a few sentences of background info and an address. I knew that these two beautiful people were in their 90’s. What I didn’t know was how open and inviting they were. How kind and most importantly in love they were.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that delighting in your love after 50 years isn’t possible or that romance and softness dissipates. It’s up to you, each and every one of you, beginning your love stories or most of the way through writing them, to keep love alive. Keep laughter and sweetness alive. If you do, you’ll reap the benefits times a thousand back I promise you.

Cheers Dick & Sally. Here’s to a lifetime spent together and many more years of love to go.

x Gretchen