Courtney & Steve // Bodega Bay, Salmon Creek CA Engagement


Courtney & Steve were the first couple I've photographed who were bold enough to ask me for a sunrise shoot. And an engagement at the Marin Headlands? You Bet!!

In all of the years I've been shooting engagements no one has ever asked to shoot at sunrise. To be honest I was equally intimidated and excited! Sunrise shoots are a different race to to the light and getting creative is critical. So there we were in the near dark, on a cliff by the sea, we've got a bit of time before the sun starts lighting up the sky so I say, "you want to pull your car around and turn the lights on?" I'd been inspired by shots like that but never had the right set of circumstances to try it, that morning was spot on. So, we started the morning with a bang and kept it right on up. Thanks you two for your trust, your joy and your love and admiration for each other. Even had the sun not come up, you two glowed enough for the sun.