Philippe & Ally // Intimate Healdsburg Reeve Winery Wedding


A rainy day wedding holds a special place in my heart. I just love them. The lighting, the sweet sounds of raindrops amidst laughter and clinking glasses. Philippe and Ally’s rainy day wedding was especially special because only a handful of very close people were invited and it was held at Reeve Winery in Healdsburg only a few minutes from my house. Rain meant that I thought differently about light, that we were limited in locations for all of our formal photos and that available light was scarcer than we though as evening approached. All of this actually made for perfection. Some days are just like that. They flow and the moving parts, even the ones that get shifted because of weather, all fall into their perfect places. That’s how Phillipe and Ally’s day was… there wasn’t a single hiccup. It was calm, and intimate; soft and tender, like the raindrops on the vineyard. Thank you for having me you two! It was wonderful!